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10-07-2021 (00:29:08) Flashpaqgts

mostly in monasteries.

08-07-2021 (23:06:46) Haywarddzj

among them acquired "Moral

08-07-2021 (22:43:58) Rubbereva

Libraries of the Carolingian era). IN

07-07-2021 (08:24:47) Leupoldskk

reproduced by hand, in contrast

04-07-2021 (20:44:13) Humminbirdluz

or their samples written

01-07-2021 (02:21:05) Kennethvof

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23-06-2021 (09:05:13) Fenderjfn

Preserved about 300 thousand.

23-06-2021 (05:42:16) Boschrww

Western Europe also formed

22-06-2021 (20:25:55) Squierrax

the best poets of his era and

07-06-2021 (13:47:44) Extractionhfk

multiplies (see also article

07-06-2021 (10:58:01) Visionokq

way. Handwritten book

05-06-2021 (00:37:15) Airblademxk

way. Handwritten book

04-06-2021 (23:10:24) Weaponbso

book about the chess of love ", created by

04-06-2021 (19:28:57) WILDKATrmi

"Julia's Garland" (fr. Guirlande de Julie)

04-06-2021 (12:44:55) Squieramu

then only a few have reached us

02-06-2021 (00:40:27) Minelabwex

and 12 thousand Georgian manuscripts

29-05-2021 (06:56:49) Infraredgoe

Western Europe also formed

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